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Nonprofit and Social Impact Resource Library

The following resources provide advice for job seekers, managers, search committees, and others based on decades of collaboration with nonprofit and social impact organizations. The materials include a range of topics, from networking and resume tips to overcoming founder’s syndrome and making the most out of reference checks.

Interviewing is an integral part of the hiring process — one that rarely goes as deep and as specific as it should.

Asking someone for an informational interview is an opportunity to build a reciprocal relationship with that person. It’s a chance for someone

Rather than ignoring the next email or call you get from a recruiter, think of it as a learning opportunity — even if you aren’t seriously considering leaving your current position.

When a hiring committee interviews a potential employee, they are not just looking at their skills and past experiences. Often, the team

In addition to disruptions to most other areas of our lives, many of us have experienced an abrupt change in how and

Picture this: An organization’s founder has been in place for decades. They are well-respected for their years of hard work and are