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Is there any field that is more confusing, more dynamic, more exciting – and frankly – more vexing than technology and telecommunications? We live in a world where your cutting-edge smartphone or tablet today may be obsolete by next week. And where the Internet of Things is sweeping across every sector and every role, changing every life across the globe.

It can be challenging, to say the least, to work through the thicket of this and find the right people for the ever-demanding leadership roles that the changing technology landscape demands. We know this, and we know how to do it. At Diversified Search Group, we focus on identifying, assessing, and recruiting leaders steeped in the latest technologies, and who are experts at leveraging convergence, telecommunications, and content. This co-mingling is igniting transformation and disintermediation across the global economy – and creating a new paradigm for business. Such change requires a different kind of leader: an agent of change who can see around corners, define a great future for a business or organization and instill positive, creative collaboration, and operational focus.

In executing our work – and reflecting this brave new world – we too, strive to be different. We employ a multifaceted methodology, leveraging our expertise in diversity, access to unique talent pools, and superior process to find not just your next leader, but your next great and transformational one.


  • Service Providers (Telecom, Mobile, Wireless Transport, Cable/Broadband)
  • Professional Services (Cloud, Data Centers, Payments and Call Centers)
  • Software (Infrastructure, Apps, Networking, Cloud, Cyber Security)
  • Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Peripherals)
  • Networking (Equipment, Software, Solutions)
  • E-Commerce and Social Networking

Joyce Brocaglia

Managing Director and Global Practice Leader, Technology Officers & Cybersecurity

Joyce Brocaglia is a visionary entrepreneur who created both the first executive search firm specializing in cybersecurity and a ground-breaking membership organization that builds women leaders in cybersecurity, risk, and privacy.


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