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The purpose of every company is to “find and keep” customers – technology continues to play a key role in helping organizations achieve this goal. While information technology (IT) was the “system of record,” as the world moved from analog to digital, IT’s role expanded dramatically and continues to do so. IT is now the backbone for systems of intelligence and learning and is increasingly being used to provide systems of experience that address how we interact with our stakeholders.

Technology leaders now face a myriad of challenges: legacy transformation, data analytics, system integration, modern architectures, cloud, microservices, edge computing, user experience, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, ML/AI/ deep learning, privacy, compliance, blockchain, RPA, mobility, social engagement – the list is long and growing each day. All of these are underpinned, driven, or enabled by technology, which is now a key source of competitiveness, top-line growth, profitability, flexibility, and resilience.

Today, transformational technology executives are integral to strategy, new business models, product development, value creation, new sources of revenue, security, social impact, and business agility. They are a key contributor in the senior leadership team, communicating the “art of the possible” and demonstrating how technology drives key results.

The term “CIO” was, until recently, the standard for the person overseeing all of this. But various titles now reflect the rising importance of technology in organizational structure. Technology leadership now encompasses titles including CDO (Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), Chief Privacy Officer, Digital Transformation Leader, and many others.

We understand these technology business drivers and help organizations build teams to meet the challenges in a rapidly changing world. We have developed a broad and extensive network and are considered thought leaders in this area. Our team understands that whether they are CIOs or CDOs or any other title, these technology drivers are business leaders who are key contributors at the executive table bringing the “art of the possible” to customers. We have the expertise and experience to match your business with the right individual – not only fill that function, but help your organization transform.


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Joyce Brocaglia

Managing Director and Global Practice Leader, Technology Officers & Cybersecurity

Joyce Brocaglia is a visionary entrepreneur who created both the first executive search firm specializing in cybersecurity and a ground-breaking membership organization that builds women leaders in cybersecurity, risk, and privacy.

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