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Increasingly, America’s most dynamic companies all have two things in common. One is that each has an ahead-of-their-time leader who has the drive and the smarts to revolutionize the way the world works.

The second? They’re funded through private equity. In today’s hurly-burly global marketplace, private equity is the engine propelling forward new ideas, new visions, new ways of thinking and looking at the world. In every metric that matters, it’s the definition of the new frontier in business, funding everything from cutting-edge tech start-ups to new methodologies for manufacturing to almost everything encompassed by the Internet of Things. And because of all of that, it requires leadership that is not only smart and focused, but also one step ahead of almost everyone else.

Our Private Equity Practice leverages the full capability of our deep industry and functional expertise across every major sector to effectively serve private equity firms and their suite of portfolio companies. We know that the right leadership is vital to the success of any investment at any stage of the investment life cycle, whether that’s IPOs and pre- and post-merger integrations or executive introductions and talent studies that include management benchmarking and market scans.

The challenge facing PE firms today is to attract the right talent to impact investment strategies and drive operations growth within their respective portfolios. We know that leaders in this market must excel at managing cash and improving the top line. We know what qualities a private equity needs for success. And we know how to bring those leaders to you.

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