Our combined Diversified Search Group Education Practice brings high levels of expertise and customization to search in the preK-12 sector.

Consultants from Storbeck Search, Koya Partners, and Diversified Search formed strong partnerships with Pre-K-12 schools, including independent, charter, public, and religious, from the start. Today, Diversified Search Group’s combined Education Practice is known for identifying new leaders and rising stars, as well as for our thought leadership in the K-12 sector.

In addition to conducting executive-level searches,
we offer consulting on strategy and DEI, as well as leadership and governance coaching and training for school clients. 

Why choose us for your school’s leadership search?

Because we take a comprehensive yet flexible approach to every search and successfully complete 150+ searches in the education sector each year, we have the experience and know-how to customize your search to fit your school’s needs. 

  • Expertise Led by consultants who have direct experience working in K-12 schools, our team approach assures breadth and depth of expertise. In addition to your dedicated search team, the full expertise of Diversified Search Group’s consultants and associates is ready to be tapped for your search.
  • Customization Each school’s search is unique. We design a search process and communication plan that meets the needs of your school and your search. We take the time to understand your school well and to develop strategies that will produce the best candidate pool and search outcomes. 
  • Research We have dedicated research staff who continually mine data, study trends, and update our in-house database to ensure a relevant and talented pool of educational leaders.
  • Integrity and Confidentiality Integrity is central to everything we do. This includes being willing to turn down another search if it presents the possibility of significant pool overlap with a search we are already conducting. We have robust policies and processes in place to ensure confidentiality to the extent desired by the institution and by potential candidates alike – an important factor for all involved.
  • Proactive Recruitment Some of the most qualified and desirable candidates are not actively seeking new positions. Advertising is a limited tool; instead, we actively research and recruit candidates who will be a good fit for your school’s needs and help advance your school’s inclusion and equity goals. We have the capacity to reach across all sectors, including higher education, K-12 education, the nonprofit world, and the private sector, to find strong traditional and non-traditional candidates for your search. Furthermore, our record of BIPOC placements surpasses the industry average in K-12 school search.
  • Logistical Skill Because we are first and foremost experts in search, we run an exceptionally smooth process, handling potential hurdles with a deftness and aplomb that earn the notice of clients and candidates alike.
  • Breadth of Perspective The Diversified Search Group Education Practice enjoys an outstanding reputation as a team of experts focused in the education sector. We truly understand this sector and the student populations it serves – from three-year-olds to college seniors, from continuing education students to doctoral fellows. 

As a proud Supporter of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), we look forward to meeting you at the next NAIS Annual Conference and NAIS People of Color Conference.

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Our experienced and adept K-12 Schools team stands ready to help. We can be reached at 610.565.2910 or by email.

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