Placed Leaders

Michael Crawford

Vice President

Spitfire Strategies

We partnered with Spitfire Strategies on the search for a Vice President. Spitfire is a woman-owned, strategic communication firm that partners with nonprofits and foundations working to make the world a better place. 

Michael Crawford works at the intersection of strategy, pop culture, and social change to craft breakthrough campaigns that shift narratives, change hearts and minds, and bring marginalized communities to the forefront. He has produced creative campaigns on a range of pressing issues including LGBTQ equality, voting rights, gun control, immigration, and racial justice. 

Previously, as Director of Marketing at MoveOn, Crawford focused on cultural strategies to engage new and diverse audiences, built creative partnerships with celebrities, influencers and advocates, and crafted messaging for a wide range of top tier advocacy campaigns. He produced Your Vote Is Power, MoveOn’s largest cultural campaign in a decade, in 2020 to turn out young voters and voters of color. The campaign featured GIFs, memes, artist designed merchandise, livestream and produced video, influencer partnerships, celeb engagement, as well as radio ads. 

At Freedom to Marry, he was an architect of the digital strategy that won the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. He led the digital and creative team which oversaw the organization’s brand, websites, social media, online fundraising, and digital content. 

As Associate Field Director at Human Rights Campaign, Crawford led the organization’s work to advance civil rights legislation at the state level to protect LGBTQ people and worked to elect endorsed candidates. 

His writing on race, identity, and culture has appeared in national publications including Wired, NBC News THINK, Teen Vogue, Newsweek, The Independent, New York Daily News, and The Hill.