Placed Leaders

Mark Reddy

Director of Communications


Koya | Diversified Search Group partnered with Tradewater on the search for a Director of Communications. Tradewater creates, develops, and implements high-value projects that permanently prevent the world’s most potent greenhouse and ozone-depleting gases from releasing into the atmosphere.

Our work resulted in the recruitment of Mark Reddy to the role.

Reddy has spent more than two decades honing his craft of storytelling and helping organizations find their voice.

Before joining Tradewater, Reddy served as Vice President at Pinkston (a strategic communications firm), Senior Vice President of Brand and Communications at World Relief (a humanitarian organization), and Executive Director of The Justice Conference.

He serves as chairperson for Chasing Justice, a movement he co-founded to mobilize BIPOC communities to pursue social justice issues.

Reddy is passionate about safeguarding the future of our planet and our communities. Born in Fiji, he spent most of his life in New Zealand and Australia. He now lives in Chicago with his daughters.