Placed Leaders

Kelly McConville

Director for the Dominguez Center for Data Science

Bucknell University

Storbeck Search | Diversified Search Group partnered with Bucknell University to conduct a nationwide search that resulted in the appointment of Kelly McConville as the inaugural Director for the Dominguez Center for Data Science.

McConville received her Ph.D. in statistics at Colorado State University and in 2021 earned tenure at Reed College. In 2022 she joined Harvard University as the senior lecturer on statistics and co-director of undergraduate studies in statistics. In this role, she set the vision for the undergraduate statistics curriculum, led undergraduate studies meetings, served as a research catalyst for undergraduate students seeking research opportunities, and organized events related to statistics and data science. 

“Professor McConville’s approach to work prioritizes outreach to the community, and she has initiated many events and programs for faculty, students, staff and alumni in order to create welcoming campus spaces where all can share their thoughts on data and society,” said Margot Vigeant, Co-acting President and Interim Provost. “She brings over a decade of experience teaching undergraduate statistics and data science, mentoring undergraduate research, directing undergraduate programs, and forging relationships within the academic community and beyond.”