Placed Leaders

Cassandra Chase

Director of the Equity and Justice Institute

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

We partnered with Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences on the search for the Director of its Equity and Justice Institute. The Institute launched in 2018 with a mission to find meaningful solutions to the challenges our students will inherit, including racism, sexism, poverty, war, environmental degradation, educational inequities, religious persecution and genocide. The Institute brings new opportunities for service and innovation to our students while developing and supporting meaningful community action with partner organizations.

Our work resulted in the recruitment of Cassandra Chase to the role.

Chase is a strategic and innovative servant leader and social entrepreneur with knowledge of the complex issues that we face around equity and justice.

With over 15 years’ experience, Chase has been committed to forging new ways of co-creating ground-breaking education, leadership, and entrepreneurship programs to support underserved communities to grow and thrive. She is on a joyful mission to transform the landscape of the community in which she lives and works. Through her work, she has witnessed the power the community holds when coming together with a common purpose.

Previously, Chase served as the Coordinator for Empowerment Congress, where she oversaw operations, drove sustainability and conducted administrative functions in support of the organization’s mission to educate, engage and empower local communities.

Chase co-founded Read Lead, an organization dedicated to empowering our future generation’s leaders through literacy-based programming. Under her visionary leadership, she works towards efforts that influence positive social change and supports its mission to serve the greater good both locally and globally.

A member of the Lakewood City Council, Council Member Chase is the first Black person elected and the 6th woman to serve in the city’s 69-year history. Her work in local government provides impact that extends beyond the city’s 80,000 residents.

Chase’s passion for centering the importance of wellness, collaboration, and community permeates all aspects of her life and work.

She finds fulfillment in nature, through travel, and time well spent among family and friends. She is a yoga and fitness advocate and co-founder of emerging vegan lifestyle brands Vegan Brunch Club and Vegan Travel Society.

She is an alumna of the Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute and the Riordan Volunteer Leadership Development Program. 

Chase graduated from University of California, Irvine, with a degree in Sociology.