Placed Leaders

Billie Gardner

Think 100% Policy Manager

Hip Hop Caucus

Koya partnered with Hip Hop Caucus on the search for a Think 100% Policy Manager. Hip Hop Caucus uses the power of cultural expression to empower communities who are first and worst impacted by injustice.

Our work resulted in the recruitment of Billie Gardner to the role.

Gardner has used her background in politics and her dispute-resolution skills to help bridge the partisan gap in American politics. Throughout her career, she has worked at several nonprofits from AmeriCorps to Sojourners Magazine, the Idaho Democratic Party, and RepresentUS, where she has gained experience in advocating for voting rights, increasing voter registration, and spent time building various social justice coalitions from veterans for voting rights to fair redistricting practices. Gardner hopes to utilize her background in nonprofits and political knowledge to help further advance the Hip Hop Caucus climate justice goals, and assist in the continued development of strong coalitions while working on the Advocacy Team. 

Gardner earned her BA in Political Science from Pepperdine University and completed her Masters in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law.