Placed Leaders

Allyson Mullin

Vice President for Human Resources

Saint Joseph's University

We partnered with Saint Joseph’s University on the search for a Vice President for Human Resources.

Our work resulted in the recruitment of Allyson Mullin to the role.

Allyson Mullin joined Saint Joseph’s after spending over 10 years developing the Human Resources department at Alvernia University as the Executive Director of Human Resources.

Allyson joined Alvernia in 2011 as the Associate Director of HR with a background in retail and manufacturing. When she arrived at Alvernia, HR was an outsourced function and the department had much opportunity for growth. Determined to make HR a dependent business partner, Allyson worked hard to change the perspective. With consistent communication and a heart for the people and the university, the HR team became a valued and dependable part of the community. Her work at Alvernia included embracing diverse and inclusive talent management, employee relations, compensation and benefits assessments, systems implementations, and project management. 

Allyson has served on many committees such as staff council, salary and benefits committees, middle-states, and was a trusted advisor to senior leadership. Her strengths in team management, customer service, communication and leadership skills are part of her professional success. 

In addition to her professional work, Allyson finished her degree at night earning a BS in HR Management in 2019 and MBA with a 4.0 in 2021, both from Alvernia University.