Dina Tyler

Search Associate

Associate, Executive Search, Nonprofit and Social Impact

Dina, an adept Search Associate, brings a wealth of expertise to her role at
Koya Partners, a division of the Diversified Search Group. Since joining in
2018 as an Executive Search Coordinator, Dina has demonstrated
exceptional skills in project management, candidate development, client
management, and logistics coordination.

With a keen eye for talent, Dina excels in candidate development and care,
ensuring that every candidate’s journey through the search process is
smooth and supportive. She also plays a pivotal role in client management,
fostering strong relationships and ensuring that client needs are met with
precision and excellence.

In addition to her client and candidate-focused responsibilities, Dina expertly
manages the logistical aspects of search projects, ensuring seamless
coordination of schedules and resources for both internal teams and external

Prior to her role at Koya Partners, Dina served as a Project Success Manager
at Upwork, where she honed her skills in matching enterprise clients with
top-tier freelancers. Her previous experience also includes a tenure at
Georgia State University, where she oversaw information management
crucial to policy research programs.

Dina’s career journey began at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, where
she held various roles, culminating in her position as Project Manager for the
sister entertainment division. Here, she managed the logistics for the
posthumous release of music from hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur. Her tenure
at the Foundation commenced in 1997 as Assistant to the President.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Dina’s commitment to social justice shines through her
work with organizations such as Black Futures Lab, Common Cause, Hip Hop
Caucus, Innocence Project, and the Surdna Foundation. Passionate about
effecting positive change and spreading joy, Dina continues to make a
significant impact in her personal and professional endeavors.


Plans to complete her BA, Sociology
Kennesaw State University