Danelia Argueta

Director, Strategic Marketing, Executive Women's Forum

Executive Women's Forum (EWF)
Danelia Argueta headshot

Danelia Argueta an accomplished professional with a proven track record as a business strategist, event planner, community leader, and marketing executive, amassing over 20 years of experience in spearheading and overseeing all facets of marketing and business development efforts. In addition to her extensive expertise, she also possesses the necessary qualifications including an International Strategic MBA in Marketing and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

She began her career in the software industry working for companies like Microsoft
Corporation and Advent Software and continued to build a diverse industry portfolio by expanding her experience in the education, financial, and event industries. In her desire to serve the community, she has spent a good portion of her career advocating for the lives of women and children by assuming various roles in non-profit organizations, ranging from volunteer work to serving on boards, showcasing her dedication to giving back. Her philanthropic endeavors are as diverse as they are impactful.

Her area of specialization lies in delivering cutting-edge integrated marketing strategies, and event solutions that establish and increase brand reputation. Danelia knows exactly how to conceive impactful campaigns that captivate audiences, compelling them to actively engage and embark upon meaningful action.

What really sets Danelia apart is her dynamic personality. She’s a natural bridge-builder, committed to fostering mutually beneficial connections. She passionately believes in the power of collective action to create change and is known for mobilizing others toward meaningful causes. When she’s not busy slaying in the boardroom, you can find her volunteering her time and expertise to various organizations, spreading positivity, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Danelia resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and three kids. In her spare time,
she enjoys travel, adventures, and trying new things. Whether she’s exploring new cities or trying out the latest fusion restaurant, Danelia knows how to enjoy life to the fullest. She’s a confident, friendly, and personable professional who’s passionate about everything she does.