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About Weave

Weave: The Social Fabric Project addresses the crisis of broken social trust that has left Americans feeling isolated and divided along many lines. Social trust enables us to live meaningful lives in community and peacefully solve shared problems, from racial injustice to creating jobs, taming a pandemic to protecting our planet. The Weave Project invests in trust.

Trust starts where we live, when people show up for each other and recognize they share more than they differ. It grows in ever-widening arcs as people take on problems together. The Weave Project invests in grassroots leaders who inspire this virtuous cycle of building trust. We call them weavers, we find them in every community, and they can heal us.

About the Community Advisor Role

Weave supports and strengthens weavers by providing access to resources, opening doors to partnerships, and inspiring new generations of weavers. Weave is inviting weavers to serve as community advisors to the project, helping:

  • Identify weaver needs
  • Shape Weave’s programs and outreach
  • Review Weave’s effectiveness, and
  • Guide Weave’s strategy and growth

Weave’s local community advisors will come together in person, or virtually, four times a year with expenses paid, to review Weave’s activities, provide advice, and suggest new programs. Each advisor will serve a two-year term and receive $2500 annually for their time.

Here’s why you should apply:

  • You are an active weaver in your community and want to be part of a national community of weavers.
  • You believe in Weave’s vision to create a nation of weavers, brimming with deep, healthy connections, where mutual trust and affection is the standard, equity is implicit, and all people find joy and meaning in daily life.
  • You see weaving as the ground-up solution to America’s divisions and want to find ways to inspire more people to be weavers in their communities.
  • You are excited to compare your experience with that of other weavers.
  • You want to be sure communities like yours are understood and served by Weave.
  • You want to grow as a weaver, a leader, and a speaker, through training and experience.

Learn more about the Weave Project and read stories of weavers at

Applying to be a Weave Community Advisor

Weave is looking for a diverse set of advisors who have different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, come from different types of communities, and have different skills. What they all must share is a way of living that inspires trust in their neighbors, welcomes all people across differences, and weaves their communities together through discussion and action. 

In the application, we will ask you to send a resume and submit a word or pdf document with short (2-3 paragraph) answers to three questions:

  • How do you weave your community together?
  • How do you see yourself supporting Weave’s work and what expertise can you offer?
  • Why do you want to become a Community Advisor?

If selected, you will need to prepare for meetings and travel over three days, up to four times a year. Weave will also ask you to represent Weave in your community, with media, and at speaking events.

Please submit your application by August 15. If you need assistance expressing your interest online, please email

Read and download the Position Profile here.

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