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Vice President, Equity, Culture And Talent

  • Lumina Foundation
  • Indianapolis, IN

This position has been filled.

Read and download the full Position Description here.

About the Lumina Foundation

Lumina Foundation is an independent, private foundation in Indianapolis committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. Lumina envisions a system that is easy to navigate, delivers fair results, and meets the nation’s talent needs through a broad range of credentials. The Foundation’s goal is to prepare people for informed citizenship and success in a global economy.

About the Role

As Lumina approaches the completion of its strategic plan and closing argument for the 2025 goal, the Foundation is intensifying its push toward a more just and fair society, one which ensures paths to greater learning for people who might otherwise be left behind. The creation of the Equity, Culture and Talent role, a new executive-level position, reflects Lumina’s ongoing commitment to furthering its Equity-First approach internally and externally. Moreover, the role will galvanize the work launched by the Foundation’s organizational culture workgroup which conceived the servant leadership traits and characteristics Lumina’s leadership team is committed to.  While Lumina has made significant progress infusing Equity-First into its work at the Foundation and with partners, there’s a lot of important work ahead.

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