CEO/President/Executive Director/Head of School, Nonprofit and Social Impact

Chief Executive Officer

  • Shanti Project
  • San Francisco, CA
About Shanti Project

Founded in 1974 on the principle that every person deserves compassion, connection, and human dignity, Shanti Project is a pioneering nonprofit that builds human connections to reduce isolation, enhance health and well-being, and improve quality of life. Guided by the core belief that meaningful relationships are essential for navigating life’s most difficult challenges, Shanti seeks to ease the invisible suffering that can accompany isolation or illness and combat it through the power of personal connection. Based in San Francisco, the Shanti team works thoughtfully to care for each client, knowing that care for each other helps to cultivate a healthier, more compassionate community for everyone.

The Opportunity

Shanti Project’s Chief Executive Officer will provide inspiring, thoughtful, and strategic leadership while successfully ensuring the organization’s continued relevance and impact. This is an exciting opportunity for a collaborative and decisive leader to guide Shanti as it embarks upon its next chapter of growth as a pioneer within the broader care landscape. As Shanti continues to provide critical health and well-being services, the CEO will engage a range of internal and external constituents to develop a strategic vision for Shanti’s critical role in shaping the organization’s future and the integration of compassionate care models across San Francisco’s communities in need.

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