CEO/President/Executive Director/Head of School, Foundations and Philanthropy, Nonprofit and Social Impact, Social Justice and Advocacy

Chief Executive Officer

  • Primavera Foundation
  • Tucson, AZ

This position has been filled.

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About the Primavera Foundation

The Primavera Foundation is a comprehensive community development organization serving the Tucson community and southern Arizona since 1983. Through its diverse programs, advocacy, and community building and engagement strategies, Primavera operates under a unique mix of diverse revenues, including income-generating revenues, individual donations, corporate and foundation grants and contributions, government contracts, and miscellaneous income.

The Opportunity

Reporting to and working with the Board of Directors of Primavera, the CEO establishes and executes the mission and strategic vision of the Primavera Foundation. The CEO will be the external face of the organization with the capability to speak passionately and compellingly about Primavera’s vision to diverse audiences and share empathically with participants to build a strong community. This leader will need to be comfortable being active in the DC and Arizona legislature to advocate for Primavera. The CEO will have the ability to continually grow both Primavera’s approach and impact.

To Express Interest

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Read and download the Position Profile here.

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