CEO/President/Executive Director/Head of School, Nonprofit and Social Impact

President/Chief Executive Officer

  • Marine Mammal Care Center
  • San Pedro, CA
About Marine Mammal Care Center

Located in San Pedro, California, Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC) is one of the busiest and fastest growing marine mammal rehabilitation centers in the United States. Since its founding in 1992, the organization has supported over 8,000 marine mammals in need of critical medical care, primarily seals and sea lions. MMCC serves a 70+ mile stretch of beaches in the Greater Los Angeles area from Malibu to Seal Beach, helping marine mammals that would otherwise suffer potentially fatal outcomes on area beaches due to severe illness, injury, and malnutrition. The MMCC team provides direct veterinary care through its animal hospital, and follows comprehensive release practices including selective post-release monitoring to ensure that we continue to learn how best to rehabilitate patients for survival back in their ocean homes. Through its work supporting animals, developing knowledge, and growing awareness around the unique needs of marine mammals, MMCC strives to build a healthy ocean ecosystem where people and marine life thrive together.

The Opportunity

Marine Mammal Care Center is at a pivotal point in its organizational development. Building on a strong foundation of passionate staff, clear organizational structures, and a renewed sense of purpose, the CEO will continue MMCC’s progress toward becoming one of the premier marine mammal care and research centers in the world. The Board of Directors seeks a mission-oriented, collaborative, growth-oriented individual to provide leadership and operational oversight of all aspects of the organization. This is an exciting opportunity for MMCC’s next leader to partner with a motivated Board, committed and hardworking professional staff, and dedicated volunteers to elevate one of Los Angeles’ most critical environmental organizations to the next level.

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