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Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO

  • Linfield University
  • McMinnville, OR

This position has been filled.

Linfield University seeks an experienced, innovative, and collaborative leader to serve as the next Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer (VPFA). The VPFA will collaborate with leaders across all of Linfield’s units to identify opportunities to maximize financial and operational efficiency, build upon the University’s resources, and enable deployment of funds where they will have the greatest impact. Considering the evolution and growing complexity of Linfield in recent years, the VPFA will have an opportunity to analyze the current budgeting model and determine where there are opportunities to strengthen the University’s financial position now and in the future. With particular focus on preserving Linfield’s values, the VPFA will be responsible for managing and sustaining continued growth in student population, physical spaces, and programmatic offerings.

For best consideration, please send all nominations and applications to:

Jim Sirianni, Managing Director
Ethan Dubow, Managing Associate
Storbeck Search

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