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About Caliber Public Schools

Caliber’s Mission is to achieve educational equity by shifting the experiences, expectations and outcomes for students in historically underserved communities. Our strengths-based educational program validates, affirms, respects and supports students, families and staff members to reach their full potential. Caliber graduates will be academically college ready; have emotional intelligence or ‘EQ’; be critical thinkers, and have the skills and desire to be changemakers in their communities and the world.

Caliber’s four graduate pillars–Heart, Smart, Think, Act–guide our work. Caliber teaches computer science as a core academic subject K-8th grade to directly challenge the inequitable presence of women and underrepresented minorities in the computer science industry. We are a community-based organization and celebrate the diversity of the communities we serve.  Our parents are active partners; frequently engaging through school events, restorative practices, and academic support.

As we grow, we are looking for educators and leaders who want to help create a positive school experience for all students.  We are looking for innovative educators to continually push their own and our network’s understanding of how best to support our students towards their academic and social-emotional goals.

Our first school, Beta Academy in Richmond, CA, opened in 2014 and ChangeMakers Academy in Vallejo, CA opened in fall 2016.  As we look to the future, we are planning to create high school options for our students in both the Richmond and Vallejo communities.

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The Opportunity

Caliber Public schools is seeking a mission-driven and entrepreneurial educational leader to establish and lead an innovative new model for Caliber’s first high school in Vallejo. The Founding High School Leader will continue to advance Caliber’s commitment to educational and racial equity to its diverse communities and historically underrepresented students through the establishment of Caliber’s first high school. This exceptional leader will operationalize and sustain the Caliber high school design principles as established through a design process involving Caliber families, students, and staff. The Founding High School Leader will be part of a core team creating the blueprint for the high school and building the team, based upon the established vision, mission, values and pillars for Caliber Public Schools. This leader will have a track record of driving academic success integrated with social emotional learning, coupled with a deep commitment to anti-racism with a strong equity and restorative lens.

Reporting to the CEO, the Founding High School Leader will have management responsibilities for the high school with 150 9th graders in the first year and growing by 1 grade level per year (300 students total in 9th and 10th grades in Year 2, etc). This leader will build a team of faculty and staff, with strong operational support from the School Support Organization (SSO). This individual will oversee all aspects of the high school including academic and social-emotional programming, staffing, and family and community engagement. The Founding High School Leader will ensure that the team is working effectively to support and advance the mission.

The Founding High School Leader will be a confident and effective communicator with the ability to speak persuasively to Caliber’s vision, history, and mission. ideal candidate will have significant experience in an education leadership role, preferably at a high performing network of innovative schools.

This is an exciting opportunity for a proven and established instructional leader to play a key role in expanding the Caliber network by growing a new Caliber school model and to build a passionate, dedicated team of faculty and staff and to work collaboratively with our families, students, and community members.

The Founding High School Leaders strategic priorities include:


Planning Year: 2022-23

  • Establish the Academic and School Culture Visioning Plans for Caliber: High School
  • Intern with high-performing charter high schools (willingness to travel preferred)
  • Visit high-performing charter high schools (willingness to travel preferred)
  • Recruit students and families for the new school
  • Recruit teaching, leadership, and support staff
  • Partner with Caliber Public Schools’ SSO team to prepare facility, order materials, coordinate logistics, and complete compliance requirements

School Leadership: 2023-24 and beyond

Leading Instruction

  • Drive instructional excellence by setting aspirational goals aligned with Caliber’s Leadership Excellence Rubric (LER) and Healthy Schools Framework, create a structure of coaching the leadership team including but not limited to Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches, Director of Operations, and ensuring that teachers receive appropriate and targeted coaching and professional development to implement successful classroom management and teaching strategies;
  • Implement a comprehensive teacher evaluation system aligned with the Vision for Instructional Excellence Framework that includes regular classroom observations, goal setting and tracking, data-driven instruction, and formal evaluations drawing on multiple sources of evidence;
  • Identify strong teacher performance, drive retention of strong performers, and create opportunities for teacher and staff growth.
  • Set and enforce standards for student achievement.
  • Ensure program meets or exceeds yearly student outcome goals.
  • Monitor progress of all students.
  • Keep abreast of successful instructional methodologies and practices, prioritizing culturally relevant instructional practices and resources.
  • Ensure consistencies in instruction and practice amongst team of teachers.
  • Ensure learning environment and classroom instruction maximize student learning.

Establishing a strong culture through systems and substance

  • Define and communicate a consistent vision for the school, both within the school’s walls and the greater school community;
  • Engage students by being a visible, high impact presence in their daily lives;
  • Create a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement with a relentless focus on student achievement, operational efficiency, and self-improvement;
  • Direct and supervise the behavioral program of the school, instituting supportive student discipline policies to meet student population needs;
  • Collaborate closely with the school operations coordinator to ensure a safe and consistent school environment for students, rooted in Caliber’s four pillars (Heart, Smart, Think, Act) and Values (Feedback, Affirmation and Validation, Collective Responsibility, and Empathy and Kindness).
  • Monitor and maintain a culture of equity, where diverse staff and stakeholders can thrive.
  • Ensure feedback is a central piece of school culture at all levels.

Operational Management

  • Collaborate closely with the President and School Support Office (SSO) to ensure a safe and consistent school environment for students.
  • With the President, set and maintain a budget that ensures fiscal solvency.
  • Oversee facilities maintenance and repairs.
  • Oversee management of school records and resources.
  • Ensure compliance of local, state, and federal laws and regulations and court orders.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, visitors, and public and private property.
  • Approve expenditures.

Fostering Partnerships and Community Engagement

  • Support deep family engagement and communications, helping parents understand and support academic learning at home;
  • Work with the school services team to ensure that the instructional model and school environment responds to the needs (particularly mental, behavioral, and social-emotional) of students;
  • Refine our current SEL and Restorative Practices approach for consistent implementation;
  • Participate in the Senior Leadership Team of Caliber Public Schools, and in the Instructional Leadership Professional Learning Community;
  • Develop community partnerships to enhance school programming and attend District and Authorizer Board meetings as needed.

Participate in Caliber Public School Community

  • Actively participate in School Leader Community of Practice by attending monthly meetings, engaging in discussion, sharing best practices, and participating in school visits and school reviews.
  • Respond to requests from the School Support Office in a timely manner, working with network staff to ensure compliance of all Caliber Public Schools policies and procedures.
  • Conduct weekly 1:1s with Head of Schools, sets the agenda, and is responsive to Caliber aligned network goals and expectations.
  • Meets regularly with SSO Education Team and schedules regular classroom walk-throughs and co-observations including lead team meetings, school site professional development, and faculty meetings when appropriate.

Perform other duties as required and assigned.

The School Leader must demonstrate knowledge of, and support the Caliber Public Schools mission, vision, value statements, standards, policies and procedures, operating instructions, confidentiality standards, and the code of ethical behavior.

Candidate Profile

The Founding High School Leader will possess the following attributes and competencies:

Passion for the Mission and for Education

The Founding High School Leader will have a passion for whole child development and education and will be a staunch supporter of SEL and restorative practices. They will be intellectually curious and bring a learning mindset. A successful candidate will have a demonstrated history of success and knowledgeable in serving diverse student and staff populations. This leader will have a clear history as an advocate for anti-racism, equity and inclusiveness. The Founding High School Leader will lead with empathy, compassion and respect and will have the ability to relate to students.

Additional characteristics, beliefs and values:

  • Belief that strong SEL galvanizes Academic Achievement and vice versa
  • Takes personal responsibility for student academic result and whole child wellness
  • Firm anti-racist lens with strong vision and implementation
  • Knowledgeable with a history of implementation of culturally affirming and culturally responsive pedagogy and practices
  • Will implement restorative discipline for the smallest and largest behavioral challenges (sees restorative discipline as the best response for all behavior infractions)
  • Belief that adult social-emotional learning is also important to promote child SEL
  • Cultural competence with ability to lead across lines of difference
    • Belief in importance of attracting diverse staff
    • Leading diverse teams
  • Commitment to learning about and embedding oneself in Vallejo community
  • Belief that mental health and wellness can and should be facilitated and prioritized within the school day via school staff and community partnerships

Academic Leadership

The Founding High School Leader will be a positive and solutions-oriented academic leader with a proven track record integrating academic rigor and social and emotional learning, building upon a foundation of equity. This leader will be skilled in achieving excellent student outcomes through developing and implementing a shared vision for excellence in teaching and learning. The school leader must have a clear vision for academic excellence and college and career readiness rooted in the belief that every child can succeed, particularly historically underserved populations, such as students with special needs and English learners. The Founding High School Leader will work collaboratively with the faculty, staff and school leadership to create the vision and benchmarks, mapping out the strategic plan for the high school for the next 4 years.  They must be able to hold a long-term vision alongside the details of running a school day-to-day. The Founding High School Leader will be flexible and able to keep a calm demeanor in the face of challenging situations.

Organizational Excellence

The Founding High School Leader will have a track record of success in organizational management and collaborative leadership, coaching teachers to improve and excel, and building a positive and collaborative adult culture.  They will establish clear roles, responsibilities, and targeted outcomes for faculty and staff and will engage in data-driven decision making.  This individual will have the ability to prioritize and be outcomes driven and will demonstrate the ability to build, inspire, nurture, and retain a strong team of professionals focused on excellence, accountability, and efficiency. This person will have a track record of success in talent management, identification, team building and organizational development to understand the strengths of their team and how to best structure the organization with systems that allow faculty and staff across the organization to operationally implement Caliber’s mission and vision in a clear and consistent way. With the organization’s financial, compliance and personnel needs in mind, this leader will forecast progress towards stated goals and position the organization for growth and success with sustainable solutions. Lastly, this leader will have the ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously to accomplish urgent and important needs.

A Relationship Builder and Collaborator

The Founding High School Leader will be a highly collaborative and team-oriented leader. They will be a strong networker and skilled at building effective relationships with a broad set of stakeholders including the local school district, internal school leadership, staff, city officials, nonprofit partners, families, and community members. This leader will have the cultural competency to work with at-risk students and families. They will foster teamwork and alignment, partnering closely with the Caliber campuses in Vallejo and Richmond and will work collaboratively to promote open dialogue, identify equitable practices, synthesize divergent views, and coalesce groups around shared goals and action plans. This leader will leverage relationships and strategy to achieve their goals.

The Founding High School Leader will be the outward-facing voice of Caliber High School in Vallejo and will have exceptional communication skills; this individual will continue building the brand of Caliber Public Schools towards growth and expansion. In partnership with the CEO, the Founding High School Leader will be effective in identifying and cultivating relationships with potential funders and visitors to the High School, to meet fundraising targets for the capital campaign. This leader will differentiate Caliber and its unique approach to education with funders.

In addition, this leader will have a bachelor’s degree and an administrative credential.

Compensation & Benefits

The salary for this role will be $130,000. Competitive benefits are part of a total compensation package.


Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Michelle Bonoan and Medelene Beasley are leading this search. To express your interest in this role please email or submit your materials here. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.


Caliber Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.  If you need assistance or accommodation due to a disability, you may contact the Head of HR to or you may call us at (510) 499-4092.  For other questions please email

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