CEO/President/Executive Director/Head of School, Health, Nonprofit and Social Impact, Social Services

Chief Executive Officer

  • Daily Table
  • Boston, MA

This position has been filled.

About Daily Table

Daily Table is a nonprofit grocery chain with a mission to make healthy food affordable to all. Daily Table works to address the paradoxical occurrence of widespread hunger alongside sky-high rates of obesity and diet-related illness. Daily Table’s theory of change is that the main barriers to a healthy diet are economic and that making healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables, affordable in low-income communities can empower people to choose a wide variety of food that might otherwise be financially out of reach. They believe that delicious, wholesome, and affordable food should be available to all.

The Opportunity

Daily Table is at an exciting moment as they seek out its first Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the CEO will lead Daily Table through strategic growth and development and prove out the model for a truly scalable solution to food insecurity in America. The CEO will lead a high-performing team and all functional areas including operations, development, buying/procurement, finance and administration, marketing and community outreach.

The CEO will build on Daily Table’s success to date as they look to dramatically expand their impact and mission delivery in the years to come. They will serve as the face of Daily Table, a chief strategist, ambassador, external champion, and leader of people, and partner with the Board, staff, and members across the country in pursuit of fulfilling their mission of making high-quality, affordable food available to all communities.

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