CEO/President/Executive Director/Head of School

Executive Director

  • Center for Ecoliteracy
  • San Francisco, CA

This position has been filled.

Read and download the Position Profile here.

The Center for Ecoliteracy seeks a mission-focused, collaborative, and innovative Executive Director to build upon a reputation of excellence in education for sustainable living in K-12 schooling, and expand the Center’s contributions, leading it to the next level of financial, programmatic, and organizational success. This is a high-profile opportunity for a dynamic professional. The successful candidate will provide outstanding organizational leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and will passionately communicate the mission and achievements of the Center to internal and external stakeholders.

The Center for Ecoliteracy (“the Center”) is dedicated to cultivating education for the sustainability of people and the planet.

It recognizes that students need to experience and understand how nature sustains life and how to live accordingly. The organization encourages schools to teach and model sustainable practices. The Center leads systems change initiatives, publishes original books and resources, facilitates conferences and professional development, and provides strategic consulting. It works at multiple levels of scale, with local, regional, state, and national programs.

Read and download the Position Profile here.

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